About Us

Devil's Lair is fortunate to be able to tread its own path, unrestrained by tradition, with a sense of wisdom that comes from a strong bond with an ancient land. It’s the intuition of a talented team, the freedom to do things differently and the subtlety of the soils that makes Devil’s Lair wines respected for their great clarity, delicate fruit flavours and elegant structure.

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Our Story

You have found yourself in the Devil’s Lair...

Follow the chapters for a glimpse into a mysterious land that produces truly unique wines and perhaps a few surprises.

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Devil's Lair Winemaking Team

Our Team

Matt Godfrey is joined by a talented team of winemakers, viticulturists and staff – local and afar – who support the winemaking process right through to the point at which it reaches your glass.

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Our Land

The ancient soils in which the Devil’s Lair vines flourish today were forming thousands of years ago, centuries before Margaret River was named such and well before anyone dreamt of growing wine in the region.

Vintage to vintage, Devil's Lair strives to capture the essence of the land in order to create wines that are revered in their own way.

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Our Process

For the winemaking team at Devil’s Lair, vintage is a time of exhilaration, winemaking flair and a frenetic pace combined with a healthy dose of chance.

It’s when months’ and months’ of tending the vines - pruning, planting, managing the elements - and weeks of meticulous preparation in the winery all pay off.

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